Other: shopping

Syntax: buy   <object>
Syntax: list
Syntax: sell  <object>
Syntax: value <object>

BUY buys an object from a shop keeper.
When multiple items of the same name are listed, type 'buy n.item', where n
is the position of the item in a list of that name.  So if there are two
swords, buy 2.sword will buy the second. If you want to buy multiples of
an item, use an * (buy 5*pie will buy 5 pies).  These can be combined into
(for example) buy 2*2.shield, as long as the * is first.
LIST lists the objects the shop keeper will sell you.
List <name> shows you only objects of that name.
SELL sells an object to a shop keeper.
VALUE asks the shop keeper how much he, she, or it will buy the item for.

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