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There are three commands available to you to customize your clothing.  Fabric,
adjust and alter.


Fabric is a command used to add a fabric descriptive word to the beginning of a
clothing item's description.  Fabric by itself gives you a list of options. 
Fabric <item> <word> will add the word to the beginning of your item's
description.  If you want your clothing's fabric to appear before your adjusts,
you should use this option first.


Adjust is a command used to add a descriptive word to the beginning of any item's
description with the exclusion of jewelry (type help jewelry for the proper
help file).  Adjust by itself gives you a comprehensive list of words available
to you.  Adjust <item> <word> will add the word to your item.
For example, you have a t-shirt and you want to make it white.  You type the
following: adjust t-shirt white.

If you want a more complex item, such as a tight white t-shirt, you would need to
add white first, then tight using the same adjust <item> <word> syntax.


Alter does two things:  1) it adds a string to the end of your item’s description
and 2) it gives you the option of adding a longer, more detailed description that
can be seen when someone looks at the item. 

The syntax is alter <item> <string>.

For example, you have a t-shirt and you want it to be a t-shirt with a black stripe
across the front.  You would type the following:  alter t-shirt with faded
lettering on the front.

Following this, the editor will come up.  You can do one of two things.  1) You can
type @ to exit the editor completely, bypassing the option to give a more detailed
description, or 2) you can insert more details.

For example, you want your t-shirt to say The lettering on the t-shirt is faded but
legible and says, "Insert sarcastic comment here."  You simply insert the text like
you would any other command.  Type .h while in the editor to view all the
available commands.
See Also: waterproof, outfitproof, decayproof

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