Name: Ayresome Tyler
Origin: Middlesbrough, North East England
Race: Human
Archetype: Slayer
Family: Engaged to Marcus Blaine. Children: Wilton, Age 5, Hendrie, Age 3, and Parker, who's still a baby
Ayresome Tyler has returned to Sunnydale, after almost a decade away from the town. Now a mother of three young children, she faces the difficult task of trying to balance caring for them, working at Tivian Towers and returning to her slaying duties after a long break. Thankfully she has her fiancee, Marcus and her children's nanny, Maggie to help her out.

Layout by Janisu.

Concept Bracket Calculation
Inexperienced Slayer Level 40
Long Inactivity Modified to Level 30
Recent Childbirth Modified to Level 15

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